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Chic Chats #22 – KIND Jewellery

Chic Chats #22 – KIND Jewellery

KIND jewellery is a forward thinking, organically conscious brand, with kindness at the forefront of its ethos and technique. Using only responsibly sourced materials, and handmade in London, the brand was built to be inclusive, showcasing clean and beautifully simple designs. Lawfully Chic recently caught up with the founder, Tansy Haak, to ask some questions.

The brand was conceived after an adventure through Europe, India and Sri Lanka. What was the moment of inspiration for KIND?

Travelling has an amazing ability to put you in other people’s shoes and lose yourself in beautiful environments, communities and landscapes. It is a constant source of inspiration and I feel it helps you to be more considerate about how you want to live and contribute to the world. The idea to start a jewellery line evolved from this sense of freedom and adventure. I launched KIND 3 months after the idea was conceived. I am a one (wo)man show, so had my hands are full doing everything from branding to web design to making the collections. It is hard work but it felt like a very organic process and is still hugely rewarding.

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Photography by Tansy Haak

What are you particularly passionate about with regards to sustainability and how does that manifest in your brand / the way you work?

Conscious decision-making is something I have always felt passionate about, so it felt natural that it would be embroidered into KIND’s Ethos. Simple things like being kind to one another and making small sustainable changes to your day to day lifestyle can have a rolling effect throughout your community, so I wanted to make sure I was just as conscious whilst building a brand. I use sustainable and responsibly sourced materials and offset my carbon footprint by donating to The Woodland Trust among other things. I don’t pretend to be perfect though (who is?) and there is always room for improvement. As a young brand, I am finding my way around the industry and tackling sustainability issues is an ongoing process so I am always exploring new ideas and ways of working.

Can you explain a bit about fair trade gold, and eco gold and silver? Is desire and awareness growing?

Eco gold and silver is a term used to describe 100% recycled metal. The benefits of using these is that although the exact origin of the metal is untraceable, you can be certain that you aren’t contributing to newly mined gold, which can often be procured with devastating effects to the environment and people working in the mines. I also find the concept of ‘recycling, reworking and repurposing’ rewarding. I love that you can take a piece of jewellery which has been loved and cherished by one person and reinvent it into something that fits perfectly into the life of someone else. Fair trade gold is mined by small artisanal mines which are audited by The Fair Trade Foundation. This is great because it means you can contribute to the economies of these small communities but also be assured the working conditions and environmental effects are fair.

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Photography by Tansy Haak

Your work is heavily inspired by the natural world and elements. How do you translate such grand forces into your designs?

I try to create designs which are simple, classic and most importantly wearable. I try to leave a little to the imagination.

Can you tell us about your London-based production?

I hand-make all pieces in my London studio and then have the pieces cast by London specialists. This process replicates the original master designs and I am provided with raw castings of each piece. When an order comes in I sit down and hand finish each piece, giftwrap it and handwrite the address on the envelope. Each stage of the process is just as important and personal as the next and although it sounds silly I even enjoy walking to the post office with my daughter to post the day’s orders. There is something really special about sending my designs out to people knowing they will be treasured and are starting a whole new journey!

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Photography by Tansy Haak

What do you have planned for the future? How will you ensure sustainability is at the core of your jewellery as you grow?

There is always room for growth and I am always looking for new ways to better my practises and help KIND evolve in the right direction. I am just about to launch a RECYCLE / REWORK service where I work with customers to reinvent pieces of jewellery they may have been given or inherited but that they are unlikely to wear. This way they can keep elements of the design and the memories within the metal and stones and turn it into something they will cherish long into the future. KIND Wedding Rings are also a part of the brand that I am really enjoying, I love one on one connection with customers and knowing that I am hand-making something that is so special to people.

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Photography by Tansy Haak