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Chic Chats #23 – A Place to Heal by Arrigo

Chic Chats #23 – A Place to Heal by Arrigo

Fiona Arrigo, the internationally acclaimed British Biodynamic psychologist and founder of The Arrigo Programme, is bringing her unique brand of deep healing and life transformation to London. A Place to Heal by Arrigo launches in Holland Park and here we talk to Fiona Arrigo about the new project.

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What was your inspiration in establishing A Place to Heal by Arrigo?

Now more than ever, we need teachers we can trust, practices that really work, places in which we can feel at home and safe communities of like-minded people. My aim is to cut through the often-bewildering field of psychology, healing and self-transformation. It is from this vision that A Place to Heal by Arrigo was born.

In my experience, each individual has unlimited potential for health, well-being and happiness. However these are deeply challenging times and we need a new paradigm for healing; new ways for living in a troubled world with resilience and heart. A Place to Heal by Arrigo will offer an inner-city sanctuary – a hub of learning, healing, inspiration and community. The West London clinic will host a deep programme of events, lectures and workshops alongside life-shifting one-to-one consultations.

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What makes A Place to Heal by Arrigo different to competitors in the market?

My consultants are peerless and the curation of events at A Place to Heal by Arrigo is designed to stretch the mind, soothe the body and heal the soul. My most trusted team will be available in London, including Mary Molloy, the founder of Biodynamic medicine, and psychotherapist Simon Heathcote. Both will be joined by a select band of psychotherapists, healers, mentors, natural health practitioners, and visiting clinical psychologists and consultants, including Gaylin Tudhope and Dr Ana Aquirregabiria.

What do you wish you had known before you launched A Place to Heal by Arrigo? What difficulties did you experience along the way?

The Arrigo team sees transformational change as an opportunity and worked closely to make the launch of A Place to Heal by Arrigo a success. Obviously when you start there is a mass of things to do, so pre-planning and never under-sourcing yourself is important. Always allow for more time and ensure you have more support than you think you need. We have been very lucky with the team that have worked tirelessly on launching A Place to Heal by Arrigo in an effort to create a true community-based program that means team members, practitioners and consultants are working together and are treated equally.

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Fiona Arrigo, founder of A Place to Heal by Arrigo


What advice would you present to female entrepreneurs who are looking to set up their own business in the industry?

Live with heart, passion and dedication. Be true to your intention and follow your dreams with practical application.

What motto do you live by?  

Follow an inspired life. Be kind. Add value. Ask for help. Be humble.