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Card Art

Christmas is fast approaching and there is no time to be wasted on aimless shop wandering in attempt to find the perfect gift. It is reassuring to know that Ohh Deer’s helping hand is only a click away.

The brand (which celebrated its first birthday in Manchester’s Urban Outfitters on the 10th November) focuses on illustrated gifts; from cards and stationary through to canvases, cushions and t-shirts. The founders, Mark and Jamie, both love illustration and wanted to make sure they made the most of their creative minds.  After a few discussions, the idea of Ohh Deer came about and the opportunities started to fall into place. Jamie gave up work to fully push the company to where it is today.  One year on from going live online, Mark has also left his job to move full-time to Ohh Deer.

Here is what Mark told me about the company and the inspiration behind it…

What are your inspirations and where do your ideas come from?

We’re both inspired by the world around us and more often, the work that we regularly stroll across online, in shops/galleries or from our growing group of contributors.  Jamie loves nature, and his love for wildlife screams out in his drawings.  I try to bring in my sense of humour into my work.

How do you commission artists and where do you look for new discoveries?

We commission new artists through a variety of means.  If we stumble across someone whose work we love then we’ll make contact with them – we’re online through social networking platforms, but also out and about in everyday life.  We also run design competitions, like our most recent one being the ‘Pillow Fight’ where people uploaded their own designs onto cushions and the winning designs we took on in our shop – running these competitions provides a unique opportunity for us to look at designs that we may not have found ourselves.

People will contact us as well and link us to their portfolios or blogs which we love to look through and consider whether they’re right for Ohh Deer.

Where do you see your brand in the near future and what is your long-term plan?

We plan to keep on growing, finding new stockists and working on developing new products and designs.  We’d love to crack the wider global markets and ensure that our products are easily available to everyone.  We’re currently looking to alter our website slightly that will give buyers more inspiration on how to use/showcase our products in their homes.

We’re not people that become satisfied easily, so we’re constantly looking to improve and develop, so our long-terms plans are often growing.

What is your brand’s main advantage in a competitive market?

We have a unique selling point as we’re making our own work, but also using work that we love and turning these into unique products.  We know that not everyone will love what we love, but the brand allows us to be varied, exciting and to keep up with trends.

Cushions from £30, cards £2.50, t-shirts £20