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Café Art

Café Art

At last week’s second ever London Coffee Festival, Lawfully Chic came across Café Art – a newly-launched initiative that aims to give talented, homeless artists the chance to exhibit their works for all to see. The project is designed to boost self-esteem and confidence amongst the homeless, helping them on their journey to personal recovery.

The works are exhibited in various coffee shops around London, which can be located on the Café Art website where you can also read a short synopsis of each artwork and vote for the best artwork of the month (or year). Any shop that wants to participate can contact If you really like the artwork you’ll soon be able to purchase it online too as Café Art hopes to have a wide selection of artworks sold as originals /one-offs, overprinted onto postcards, cups and prints.

The variety of artworks on show is impressive. Artists from eight homeless organisations have signed up to the project so far, including Broadway London, The Connection at St Martin’s, St Mungo’s, SHP, 240 Project, Providence Row and Holy Cross Centre Trust.

What’s more you don’t have to suffer bad coffee in the process of admiring the works: the cafes involved so far usually fall into the ‘artisanal independent’ category. Participating cafes include the Soho favourite Flat White and Taylor St. Baristas in Shoreditch, both of which produce delicious, ethically-sourced coffee (Flat White use Square Mile and Taylor St. Baristas use Union). Now you can hang around, get caffeinated and stare at the artwork without feeling the slightest bit of guilt, unless you’re supposed to be at work of course…

For more information on some of the top London Coffee houses, The London Coffee Guide is now available to buy:

Follow Café Art on twitter: @cafeart