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Buy Nothing New Month

Buy Nothing New Month

An Australian initiative is striking an eco-conscious chord with shoppers around the globe. A growing movement of people are committing to giving more thought to consumption and purchasing less – not only saving money but also reducing their environmental impact and re-thinking their personal style in the process.

It’s Buy Nothing New Month this October and I’ve pledged to take part by buying only essentials. It’s time to re-cycle, free-cycle and up-cycle (that’s a lot of ‘cycling’ but trust me, it pays off) and when you add ‘swishing’, swapping and styling into the mix, it becomes fun and invigorating

It’s horrifying how much ends up in landfill. New items can end up discarded in an incomprehensibly large pile, proving they were never really needed in the first place.

With the Christmas build-up already evident on shop shelves, I recommend watching this clip. It’s aimed primarily at Australians and in parts reminded me of an early ‘Neighbours’ episode, but it’s very relevant to all of us.

Buy Nothing New suggests you ask yourself a few questions before handing over your hard earned cash:

Do I need this?
Why am I buying it?
What else could I do with this money?
What is its lifecycle and embodied energy?
What are the alternatives?
Can I get it secondhand, rent it, borrow it?
Where did it come from?
Where will it go when I’m done with it?
What is its environmental and social impact?
Who benefits from the purchase?
What will it do for me?

You might find that buying nothing new for a while means you detach yourself from constantly changing trends and end up with more money for the important things.