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Brazil goodwill

Brazil goodwill

Stylish. Mindful. Authentic. Powerful. Ethical. British Brazilian’s flyer portrays this brand as appealing to a confident, dynamic and eco-conscious working woman.

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The brainchild of entrepreneur Anna Moody, British Brazilian launched in 2012 with a collection of flattering, sexy clothing that promises not to break the bank or rattle your conscience. According to Moody, these two elements are intertwined: part of being ethical is being accessible – it’s about refuting 800% mark-ups, refusing to be tempted by offers of cheap labour halfway across the globe and creating designs that will last longer than the current fashion trend.

“British Brazilian was born out of a gap I saw in the market for well made, high quality fabrics and stylish clothes that were not based around trends or fashion,” she says. “I’ve seen with my own eyes the exorbitant mark ups on clothes. I’ve been to the factories, seen the conditions, been told the production versus retail costs, and it’s unbelievable.” Instead, she favours timeless designs and honest pricing.

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The brand’s chic dresses, shirts and trouser suits – all fully lined and made in Greece by a strong female workforce that was left unemployed after the financial crisis – show no signs of suffering as a result, neither in quality nor appearance. Fabrics come from Italian mills used by the top brands, with no importing from India or China. And 25% of the profits go back into supporting such issues as ADHD in children, clef palettes and providing food and heating for those less fortunate.

It’s all about mindfulness. Not just the brand’s slogans but also the humble elegance of the clothes themselves seem to reflect this wholeheartedly. “Our mothers didn’t have four wardrobes bulging at the seams or 100 pairs of shoes,” says Moody. “She didn’t buy clothes because they were cheap and would wear out after a few washes. She was more mindful, more practical and more focused on other things. You can choose to follow fashion or you can embrace a more mindful approach and pick out the brands whose clothes you love but also whose values you share.” We know which we’d rather do.

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