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Bag yourself a conscience

Bag yourself a conscience

They may not always be the ultimate fashion statement but there’s a time in almost everyone’s life that backpacks and shoulder bags are the simplest, most convenient solution to helping you to cram more into your day. And when that time comes – be it a trip to the shops or a romp in the country – help is at hand with Eastpak’s latest collection of eco-bags, made from a variety of raw, unbleached, untreated, reused and recycled materials.

Considering that around 10 plastic bottles go into making each one, it’s surprising how good the ‘Authentic Green’ range looks. Natural in colour and feel, these are unassuming, functional additions to everybody’s bag collection. The Authentic Green’s low polycarbonate footprint ensures a high return on nature, and the brand’s confidence in its own product is evidenced by a 30-year warranty.

While the Authentic Green range is the most obviously eco-conscious of Eastpak’s products, there are also altruistic sides to many of Eastpak’s other products. In particular, the second edition of the Eastpak Artist Studio (officially launched in Berlin, January 2012) has brought over 130 artists, graphic designers, product designers, DJ’s, jewellery designers and celebrity chefs together from 70 countries to place their artistic mark on 200 blank bags.

Those involved include singer Marina Diamandis (of Marina and the Diamonds), Johnny Marr from The Smiths, illustrator William Broome; UK artist Richie Culver; nail artist Sophy Robson; and the US-based painter Jordan Betten (to name just a few). All proceeds go to the charity organisation Designers against AIDS. You can purchase your bag at