ArtCan Adapt

ArtCan Adapt

Artists have needed support more than ever during recent pandemic-tainted times, and one London-based art organisation is leading the way with the development of a new hybrid exhibition format.

Since being founded in 2013, the artist-led non-profit ArtCan has been producing collaborative shows and empowering creatives through workshops, practice development, peer-to-peer connections, access to specialist knowledge and professional recognition, on-request mentoring and advice, and more. Now they’re combining physical exhibitions with online programming and the model is proving to be a huge success.

ArtCan was founded in 2013 by Kate Enters, an artist, writer and curator with a background in media relations and event management. With its membership portal opening twice a year, this London-based/international organisation doesn’t charge it’s members or take commission on sales, thereby helping artists focus on developing a sustainable practice.

Meanwhile, their philanthropic programme is based on a series of collaborations with charities working for change on issues the organisation feels strongly about.

The most recent exhibition ‘Crossing the Liminal’ was open until 10 July 2021 at Hampstead Gallery. “Now more than ever, the connections we have with the places and spaces we live in are some of the most important,” says curator Lucy Pickford. “Whether you’re disconnected from the places you love or are discovering new places near where you live and appreciating it in a wholly new way, the outdoors has offered us an escape from the realities of life in a pandemic. As our relationship with these places evolves we find something new in them. ‘Crossing the Liminal’ seeks to explore these new connections, memories of old and the transition between the two.”