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Arizona’s most mindful all-inclusive resort: The Miraval

Arizona’s most mindful all-inclusive resort: The Miraval

Nestled against the scenic backdrop of the gorgeous Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona, the all-inclusive Miraval Resort & Spa is touted as one of the top wellness retreats of its kind. Frequented by celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Ellen, Miraval has become renowned the world over for its unique mindful approach to health and wellness. Tala Habbal takes a closer look…

The practice of mindfulness is at the core of the resort’s philosophy, with an emphasis on life in balance underpinning the majority of activities and treatments on site. Guests range from couples through to groups of female friends, and even the newly divorced. Miraval aims to harmonise its guests’ physical, spiritual and emotional needs through activities ranging from art and photography to meditation and yoga.

Unique and innovative mind/body treatments and classes like the resort’s famed ‘Equine Experience’, ‘Desert Sky Zipline’, and ‘Face to Face’, are just some of the programmes that have proven to be unique and beneficial to guests. The award-winning equine experiences, created by therapist Wyatt Webb, are aimed at helping to unleash creativity, heal trauma and improve communication. The process of picking up the horse’s hooves is said to reveal fears and doubts, and to shed light on aspects of the participant’s character that may be hidden in their subconscious. Both the ‘Desert Sky Zipline’ and ‘Face to Face” experiences are outdoor challenges that focus on the freedom of letting go, celebrating new beginnings and learning to trust yourself and others.

In addition to a plethora of outdoor workshops and challenges, Miraval also boasts an award-winning spa with services ranging from conventional massages and beauty treatments to more avant-garde treatments like the “Samada Healing Ceremony” or the “Pachamama Medicine” experience.

No high-end wellness retreat would be complete without a delightful culinary experience to match. Miraval extends its mindfulness approach to dining with a focus on “mindful eating at every meal”. Guests are treated to flavourful menus made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. And although the focus is on health and wellbeing, Miraval doesn’t shy away from promoting a little indulgence with an on-site bar, atypical for most wellness retreats.

The 400-acre property features a wide selection of impeccably designed accommodations including large suites and ultra-exclusive two- to three-bedroom luxury villas, which feature outdoor pools, gourmet kitchens and access to in-villa chef and spa services.

Whether visiting for health or pleasure, Miraval’s programmes, the indulgent spa treatments and exquisite cuisine all serve to make it a top pick for discerning spa-goers who are in need of rest, relaxation and a dose of re-balance, albeit with a hefty price tag.