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An evening with Clare Press and Fashion Roundtable

An evening with Clare Press and Fashion Roundtable

As sustainability continues to remain on the top of the fashion industry’s agenda, this Lawfully Chic writer recently attended a Q&A and Workshop Evening with Clare Press (presenter of the Wardrobe Crisis podcast, Global Ambassador for Make Fashion Circular and Sustainability Editor at Vogue Australia) hosted by Fashion Roundtable.

During the discussion, Clare Press mentioned that sustainability and climate change are currently having a “cultural moment”, which are now being discussed by the public. Brands are improving their sustainability efforts because consumers are beginning to expect them to have improved their way of doing business, and “not acting now is untenable”. The podcast presenter put it simply, “if you’re doing nothing, you probably won’t survive” and boldly hypothesised that the fast fashion model is unlikely to survive, if it does not embrace sustainability.

In order to increase sustainability efforts, the podcast presenter noted that: we “absolutely” need regulation and cannot rely on consumer efforts alone; brands should be innovative with their products and not just focus on using recycled materials; it should be easier for consumers to find sustainable clothing online; and consumers should shop locally. Nonetheless, Press noted that there is still a lot of work to do, particularly on modern slavery.

Press highlighted the dangers of “greenwashing” in advertising and that brands should be accurate and specific about their products to reduce this risk.

Clare Press’ workshop involved a discussion around pricing (and how this helps and hinders sustainability) and what are the potential solutions to the problem. The workshops stimulated great contributions from the audience which showed that public engagement in fashion sustainability is unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon.