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Ambition, Understanding, Responsibility, Unity and Mindfulness (AURUM)

Ambition, Understanding, Responsibility, Unity and Mindfulness (AURUM)

This week we’re turning the spotlight towards jewellery, and a discerning brand called Aurum, by Guðbjörg. The name stands for ‘Ambition, Understanding, Responsibility, Unity and Mindfulness’, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the pieces made by the Aurum team in an integrated workshop and atelier in Reykjavik.

What’s more, Aurum continually strives to reduce the company‘s carbon footprint in every aspect of its production and is philanthropically inclined, with the proceeds of several collections being donated directly to two Icelandic charities.


Combining heritage with contemporary design as well as traditional craftsmanship and ethical practices, Aurum uses only recycled and re-refined precious metals. It buys only certified and conflict-free precious stones and diamonds. Pieces are inspired by the raw, natural environment of Iceland and its beautifully barren landscape and wildlife. You’ll see evocations of a swan’s plumage for example, or a nod towards the majestic raven, where silky soft feathers combine with a sense of power and beauty. Even the Greenlandic polar bear padding over the thin ice is referenced (in the Nanook range). The packaging too is modelled on Icelandic stones and made from the fibres of the Mulberry tree where only the shoots are cut (so the tree can keep on growing).

New collection

The most recently launched collection is called SAND, and includes earrings and necklaces that make use of fluid forms designed to be worn alone or layered for dramatic effect. Each is crafted from recycled 925 sterling silver, sterling silver plated with gold and from a distinctive oxidized silver, and is inspired by the breathtaking beaches of the Westfjords. According to the brand’s designer, goldsmith and co-founder Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir, this new collection pays homage to the idea that in one grain of sand, we can see the whole world and all the connections that each and every individual component in this world shares: “We believe that we must take good care of even the smallest components that are revealed to us in nature, as each of these has the potential to grow.”

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Prices start from £44.00 and the full range is available online at