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A song for the soul

A song for the soul

Conde Nast Traveller called it “the spa with a soul that sets it apart from the pack”, while the Times referred to it as “chic with a conscience”. Let’s face it, we were always going to love the luxury private island resort of Song Saa in Cambodia. This summer, however, the resort’s philanthropic foundation, already involved in the business of developing sustainable solutions to local issues in Cambodia, took things up a notch and launched their four-day ‘Journeys of Change’.

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The Song Saa Foundation’s work includes preserving pristine sand beaches, coconut palms and fringing coral reefs, as well as conserving marine life. These new ‘journeys’ will allow travellers access to one of the last remaining, untouched environments in the tropical south west, alongside the opportunity to work with conservationists and fellow tour members to promote a sustainable future for the people and places of the Koh Rong Archipelago. The primary aim is to go beyond existing socially conscious and luxury travel experiences in Cambodia to offer something that is completely transformational for both locals and visitors. The foundation hopes that those who take the ‘Journeys of Change’ will create a legacy, both in terms of what they witness and share, but also in terms of their own financial investment in the trip, since 100% of the profits go to supporting the work of the foundation.

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Each of the group (never more than 10 people) will be mentored by a foundation ‘ambassador’, who will be there to provide expert guidance as guests: collect vital study samples from Cambodia’s first marine reserve; work alongside Foundation staff to survey monthly impacts of human activity on the surrounding rainforest; help to share the importance of sustainable food growing and preparation with the local communities; and participate in the Boat of Hope outreach missions.

What’s the Boat of Hope, you ask? It’s the project the foundation are currently running, to raise funds required to transform a Cambodian fishing boat into a mobile teaching and learning centre. Once completed, the Boat of Hope will offer both a practical and effective way to direct educational outreach and research across the archipelago, hosting marine researchers, doctors and environmentalists, and transporting education and support materials to some of the remotest villages of the Koh Rong Archipelago. In the interim, the Boat of Hope takes the form of monthly outreach missions on the resort’s boat, with journey travellers playing a pivotal role in providing relief. If only all discarded fishing boats could be put to such good use!

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Those on the journey will be staying in the undeniably beautiful Song Saa private island resort. Luxury, philanthropy, and exquisite scenery: we don’t even think your boss will blame you for booking this trip without another moment’s thought. Watch this video to learn more.

song saa video

Journeys of Change will run from 16-20 August and 16-20 September 2014. Prices start at £980 per person including accommodation on a full-board basis, with speedboat transfers plus daily philanthropic, conservation and community projects and excursions.