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A shoo-in for style

A shoo-in for style

New shoes are always a good idea. Unless of course they’re produced in ways that harm humans or animals, or take more from our planet than they give back in colour, kudos and contentment. That’s why we’re excited about Osborn, which calls itself a “boutique brand making craft footwear” whose goal is to brighten people’s days by making “unparalleled handmade shoes”.

blue shoes

It all began in 2008 in Guatemala as a humanitarian fashion project and anyone familiar with Central American colour and fashion will recognise these influences a-plenty in Osborn’s shoes. What’s less obvious from the high-class footwear we can purchase from the brand today is that it started with one cobbler and two sewers, before eventually growing to 30 full time employees in the workshop. The design team is now based in Brooklyn New York, led by an impressive husband and wife partnership that brings a mixture of skills and passions to the (cobbler’s) table.

“This footwear project (as we like to call it) really embodies the spirit of high craft, a handmade product that tells an utterly unique story with vibrant pauses and exclamation points,” say Aaron and Carla Osborn. “We work with artisan communities around the world to develop custom Osborn textiles and to make rad shoes. We make a handmade product that is a testament to workmanship, fair wages and sustainability, and helping to support artisan culture.”


Those shoes are produced in very small batches (aka often ‘limited edition’, which obviously just makes us want them more). Original handwoven fair trade artisan textiles are used, as are locally sourced minimally processed leathers. A pair of Osborns are anything but ordinary – sometimes seeming closer to the circus and the catwalk and yet so turbo-charged with style, then washed down with a sense of humour, that they’ll help your feet to dance through even the dullest day. Warning: if you’re looking to go undercover somewhere, do not wear Osborn shoes. You will be noticed and admired everywhere you go.