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A Collection of Young Masters

A Collection of Young Masters

Young Masters @ SPHINX, a new exhibition presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery and Sphinx Fine Art, showcases artists that reflect the ideas behind the Young Masters Art Prize. This not-for-profit competition, launched by London-based American gallerist Cynthia Corbett in 2009, aims to give international recognition to emerging and newly established artists who are inspired by the Old Masters. The exhibition runs until 5 November.

To launch the Young Masters Art Prize 2012, the exhibition includes artists who challenge contemporary modes of artistic practice and reflect back on the genius of the Old Masters. Their work hangs alongside masterpieces from Sphinx’s own Old Master collection. Whether celebratory or irreverent, these contemporary artists, juxtaposed with their predecessors, prompt novel insight into the dynamic tradition of hierarchies in the art-historical canon.

Tracy Satchwill, “Golden Palace”

This group show includes the artists: Holly Stevenson, Patrick Pietropoli, Karim Hamid (courtesy of Aureus Contemporary), Lex Thomas, Jack Spencer Ashworth, Adeline de Monseignat, Victoria Hall, Charlotte Bracegirdle, Leigh Chorlton, Anna King (courtesy of Gallery Heinzel), Jamie Lumley, Nick Cuthell, Nina Fowler (courtesy of Galerie Dukan Hourdequin) and Tracy Satchwill.

Karim Hamid’s images are based on the visual dialogue with the classic representation of the female figure and the male gaze throughout art history. Hamid’s work updates the visualisation of the idealised female form through the distortion and transformation of the human body. His paintings function as a psychic response to an unconvincing onslaught of media superficiality and the pervasive objectification of the female form in art history.

Karim Hamid, “Portrait 12” (Dutch Redux) and “Portrait 15” (Dutch Redux), both 12 x 16 inches, oil on board, 2011, Courtesy of Aureus Contemporary.

Nina Fowler’s practice engages traditional methods of printmaking, drawing, sculpture and photography, all of which combine to challenge and complement one another. Her subject matter often centres around icons of popular culture, representing a dark and contradictory side to their otherwise idealised lives. This sinister comparison is heightened by the use of Old Master techniques such as etching and bas-relief.

Charlotte Bracegirdle works with images that already exist. They are all reproductions, digitally mass-produced in books, postcards or prints. The printed surface is usually glossy, a perfect even finish, but the paint disrupts this surface, leaving a shadow where once was a person or an object holding that person. It creates a tiny rip in the surface of the world, a new physical layer. The brushstrokes weave a new narrative.

Tracy Satchwill, “Working The Red Carpet”

Young Masters Art Prize 2012 will officially launch for artist applications in January 2012, with a solo exhibition of the winners of the 2009 prize – Ghost of a Dream – at the London Art Fair. Once artists have been shortlisted, the Young Masters Art Prize 2012 awards ceremony and exhibition will take place in November 2012.

The exhibition will take place at:

Sphinx Fine Art, Old Master Dealer, Kensington W8
125 Kensington Church St, London W8
Live jazz evening: Tuesday 1 November 2011 | 6 – 9pm
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