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A campaign worth kick-starting

A campaign worth kick-starting

Recently perusing our Twitter feed, we noticed the launch of a rather special Kickstarter campaign, as one of London’s pioneering fashion brands announced their intention to raise money for their first range of womenswear.

Here Today Here Tomorrow, which placed within Drapers’ Top 100 Inspiring Independents rankings last year, has long advocated a slow, sustainable approach to fashion. Since their inception, they have encouraged consumers to join them on a journey that involves protecting cultural heritage and traditional skills, and this latest step is certainly a big one.


What’s so interesting about this particular womenswear collection? Well, when they aren’t immersed in the running of their sustainable fashion shop and studio in east London, the four women behind Here Today Here Tomorrow go in search of inspiration. On a recent trip to Nepal, they came across an almost extinct handwoven Nepalese textile called ‘dhaka’. They learned that, due to a decline in demand, the tradition of dhaka weaving was at risk of disappearing, meaning not only the loss of a beautiful and rare textile but the loss of the livelihoods of the skilled artisans who make it.

In their effort to stop this happening, the foursome launched this new campaign to support some of the artisans and make the first modern collection using this remarkable textile. A win-win situation, they reckoned – or even a triple win since their Kickstarter campaign gives us all the chance to participate in this inaugural womenswear collection.


The project, which includes a range of funky tops, cropped trousers and bags, has a lovely integrity in allowing female artisans – pattern cutters, sewers and weavers – to be economically self-sufficient in one of the poorest countries in the world. So make sure you give it a little kick-start of your own by tweeting your support and donating here (#ProjectDhaka @HTHT_shopstudio).

The Here Today Here Tomorrow Kickstarter Campaign finishes on 7 August.

Shop location: 30a Balls Pond Road, Dalston, London N1 4AU