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A Brunch of Ethical Fashion Fruits

A Brunch of Ethical Fashion Fruits

Lawfully Chic was pleased to be invited to Somerset House for LFW’s Esthetica brunch, sponsored by Monsoon. Stuffed full of eco sustainable designs and brimming with lavishly dressed buyers, journalists and stylists chomping on smoked salmon bagels and swilling down champagne, it was a grand event..

All Esthetica designers adhere to at least one of the three principles of fair trade, ethical practices and organic and recycled materials, though this hardly curtails creativity with a huge variety of designs on display. At the classic end of the scale was The North Circular, whose organic British wool and cashmere collection provides the essence of guilt-free warmth and luxury. Harder to imagine oneself wearing, though equally brilliant and perhaps more suited to treading through rainy wintry London, were From Somewhere’s startling selection of swimdresses, made in collaboration with Speedo.

Other exhibitors included Antonella, Joanna Cave, Monsoon (of course) and Tracey Neuls, whose fabulous footwear, much admired by the likes of Keira Knightley and Alison Goldfrapp, was lovingly placed in pairs on table mats between a knife and fork, suggesting perhaps, their ability to sustain even the greediest of appetites for shoes. But nothing combined simplicity, style and sustainability more than Jacob James’s fabulous range of rustic hats, each up-cycled from old water bottles and (yes, you guessed it) stinging nettles. At last, a positive use for such aggressive weeds!