Zoobs – Consolidate the experience

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The artworks of Zoobs are the perfect match for the swanky interior of the Out Hotel on West 42nd Street: sleek, sexy and sophisticated. As suggested by the title, the artist’s inaugural New York show includes Zoobs classics as well as more recent works specifically produced for this exhibition. Zoobs, ‘Ashes to Ashes/Word Search’ (2013)…. Read more »

Tese - Five Bottles (Forgotten Stash)

Andrea Tese: Inheritance

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As a part of the mourning process she went through after her grandfather passed away, Andrea Tese took 72 photographs of his earthly possessions. The resulting series of images, called ‘Inheritance’, depicts mundane objects like tools and clothes, collectibles such as paperweights and personal documents including family snapshots. Andrea Tese, “Five Bottles (Forgotten Stash)” (2010-2012),… Read more »

Major II Arlington VA 2012

Charlotte Dumas – Anima

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In the twelve years that I have worked as an art advisor, I have never been moved to tears by looking at art. Not once. Until two weeks ago, which, frankly, was a shock to the system. Strolling, quite casually, into Charlotte Dumas’ show at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, I did not have any… Read more »

photo: Katherine Wetzel   ©Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Fabergé: The Lillian Thomas Pratt Bequest

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Peter Karl Fabergé (1846-1920) turned the moderately successful jewellery business set up by his father into an internationally acclaimed firm. Between the early 1880s and 1917, the House of Fabergé would produce over 150,000 luxury and novelty items. The designs by Karl and his brother Agathon were executed by highly skilled artisans, resulting in intricate,… Read more »

Chuck Close, Lucas-tapestry, 2011

Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration

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The Chuck Close exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam comprises 130 portraits printed in various media between 1972 and the present. Some of these works have taken years to produce, no doubt because the artist and his team force themselves continually to master new materials and techniques, varying from mezzotint to pulp-paper collage and Jacquard… Read more »


Grimm Gallery: Improvised Munition

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The title of Nick van Woert’s second solo show at Amsterdam’s Grimm Gallery takes its name from a US Army Technical Manual which describes how to transform everyday household objects and materials into weapons. Courtesy of the artist and Grimm Arsenal, 2012 (steel, aluminium), Installation View: Improvised Munition and Arsenal, Courtesy of the artist and… Read more »


Haunch of Venison: Boundaries Obscured

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Boundaries Obscured is the first show in Haunch of Venison’s new Chelsea venue and features ten artists from the gallery’s stable. Their works are orchestrated in a multi-dimensional dialogue that revolves around conflict: between man and nature, technology and ultimately himself. (left) Kevin Francis Gray, “The Temporal Sitter”, 2011 (white marble), Courtesy of Haunch of… Read more »

Diamond Bloom

New West Visionary

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Phoenix-born artist Ed Mell effortlessly captures the timeless beauty of the American Southwest. In “Red Desert Sunset” (1995) and “Canyon Expanse” (1996) the movement of clouds in a vast, unending sky emphasizes the almost unearthly stillness of the desert below. Mell achieves this by using a palette of bold, contrasting colours and by juxtaposing light… Read more »